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Principal Function: The Moderator is a spiritually mature Pastor and biblically-grounded Christian who will serve as the Chief Executive of the Association and the Chairman of the Board of the Corporation. The Moderator shall be the Pastor of a church registered and in good standing with the association. The Pastor should meet the scriptural qualifications for an Overseer as outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and
Titus 1:5-9.

(Adapted From: The Moderators of the Baptist General State Convention of Illinois, Inc. (2008). The Moderator's Handbook, 2nd Ed.)

A Moderator is one who is there to serve you in your time of need. Sometimes things might be going too
fast at your Church and you need some help to moderate the speed, to reduce the rush of things that might be moving too fast (be it negative or positive). Sometimes you might need the Moderator to reduce the speed of some messy situations so that the situation can bring about some fission in order for some growth to take place. Other times you might need the Moderator to preside over some meetings with an unbiased wise, spiritual and whole mindset to bring harmony to a rough and unstable predicament.

Nevertheless, the term Moderator is really given to an individual pastor who all the churches of the
Association agree upon meet the mindset and make-up for such situations that might occur and do occur
throughout and within the Church community. Therefore, the Moderator's responsibilities are to:

- Provide proper leadership for churches and their pastors
- Maintain a viable vision for the church community
- Maintain order and harmony with church matters
- Vindicate the faith and Baptist doctrine
- Provide/be a linkage for the church and civic community
- Preside over the meetings of the sessions of the Association
- Serve as the ex-officio of all Association committees, task forces, and instrumentalities with vote
- Serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Association
- Sign along with the Secretary, all legal documents as instructed by the Association and Executive
Committee or Board of Directors
- Serve as the official representative of the Association
- Appoint all committees, task forces, and special teams except where otherwise directed by the

- A minimum of 5 years’ experience as a Pastor
- A minimum of 5 years’ experience pastoring a church in the association
- Above reproach character
- Demonstrated leadership acumen with an ability to exercise sound judgment
- Demonstrated vocal and visible support of the association and its initiatives both physically and
- Must be a consensus builder who is able to communicate a compelling vision for the association


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