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The Director General's primary duties and responsibilities are carried out during the annual Congress of Christian Education. The individual serves as the primary assistant of the Congress President with regards to logistics and other duties as assigned in preparation and during the actual Congress session.


1. The Director General (DG) shall be an active member of the Berean Association and should be an active member of a Berean association Church.

2. The DG shall have strong communication skills, be thorough and have an eye for detail.

3. The DG shall have strong leadership skills and work well with others.

4. The DG shall assist in the promotion of the annual Congress of Christian Education to include securing a site, host church, and securing a date which does not interfere with the State or National Congress.

5. The DG shall assist the Congress Dean in the assignment of classrooms based on site to be used and space needed.

6. The DG shall attend the Congress daily and be accessible to lend assistance as needed.

7. The DG shall exercise reasonable care and judgement concerning safety and security of all Congress participants.

8. The DG shall arrive before all participants to ensure the site is ready for sessions and check the site at the end of each day to ensure the site is in good order.


Finally, the DG shall have a good working relationship with the Congress President and a strong understanding of the Congress mission as it relates to Christian Education.

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