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The dean of all Christian Leadership School must be certified by the DCEAC. The dean is
responsible for supervising the operational and educational work of the Christian Leadership
schools. It is the responsibility of the dean to uphold the standards and curriculum of the

1. The candidate must be a Christian who is competent in the field of Christian education
and has exhibited administrative and supervisory skills.
2. The candidate must have earned the Certificate of Progress Program Diploma, or the
3. The candidate must subscribe to the Christian Education Informer.
4. The candidate must take courses 2099 A-B-C-D- Principles and Procedures for Dean of
Christian Education.
5. The candidate must complete an internship by training in a school under the supervision
of a mentoring dean.
6. The candidate must have three letters of recommendation, one of which must come
from his or her pastor and one from his or her mentoring dean.


Deans are certified for five (5) years.

The dean is responsible for steering the entire operation of the Christian education function
from starts to finish, which includes the following activities:
- Assign courses to qualified instructors.
- Secure school accreditation forms Christian Education informer subscription, and
appropriate fees.
- Guide instructors in completion of Form
-Application for Certification of instructors and
or Recertification of Instructors..

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